welcome to ihop-miami

Our vision from the Lord is to be a community of believers committed to God, each other, and to establishing a 24/7 house of prayer in Miami, a perpetual solemn assembly gathering corporately to fast and pray with the same mandate King David received: a tabernacle of God’s continual abiding. 

At IHOP-Miami, we are committed to prayer, fasting, the Great Commission, and to living as forerunners, preparing for the unique dynamics of the end times. The work of our ministry includes equipping and sending out missionaries as dedicated intercessors and evangelists who work to see revival within the Church and a harvest among those searching for God. 

We take seriously the mandate to train believers to love Jesus and others wholeheartedly as together we go forth to preach the Word, heal the sick, serve the poor, plant houses of prayer, and proclaim the return of Jesus across the earth.

Weekend Service

Sundays @ 5:00 PM

Our Vision: We desire to call others to grow in passion for Jesus and compassion for people. Rooted in the love of God and His Word, we desire to love and obey Him, to have fellowship with each other, and to minister to others in the power of the Spirit.

Your Experience: We normally have a 45 minute time of corporate worship, followed by 45-60 minutes of teaching from the Bible, followed by a formal dismissal of the service while offering prayer for the sick, the lost, and any other need of those in the service.

Address: 14241 SW 120 Street Unit #113  Miami, FL 33186

Florida Houses of Prayer

“The Florida Houses of Prayer and Florida Praying Church exists as a fellowship of lovesick believers of Jesus Christ who are forerunners for Jesus’ return and intentionally stand in unity before the Lord night and day with worship and intercession.

From this place of intimacy with the Bridegroom, we will reach the lost, restore the identity of believers as the Bride of Christ, serve as a Forerunner State in America, and provide biblically-based education and experiences for all believers of Christ in all areas of life so that they may each be intimate lovers of God.

We will train equip and release forerunner Intercessors and Messengers empowered by the Holy Spirit through a lifestyle of prayer, worship and fasting for the end-time harvest of souls and provide a place of encouragement and training for all those who are stirred by the call of the global prayer movement.

We all stand in agreement for each one of our cities and regions for establishing and encouraging continual prayer and worship until Jesus returns.”