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"Given to the fasted lifestyle & calling a generation to the same"

  • RESTORING the Spirit of the tabernacle of david

    In these teaching notes, David Futrell takes time briefly to expound on what the Bible says about God's desire to have a home and a family on the earth where he can be welcomed. From Genesis to Revelation this theme can be seen; in Eden, on top of mountains, holy altars, tabernacle of Moses, and especially through King David's efforts.

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  • Prophetic History for IHOP-Miami

    We have taken the opportunity to document many of the prophetic words, dreams, and significant encounters that God has given us from the beginning of our history, starting on March 9, 2008. 

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  • Vision & Values of IHOP-Miami

    This teaching series and notes is our document which describes and defines our role as a ministry and our calling and assignment in our city.

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  • Preparation For the Return of Jesus Christ series

    These series notes take focus on the end-time preparation and the progression of the Church of Jesus as we await His second coming. We believe that the Bible calls us to watch, pray, and prepare to stand and agree with Jesus' greatest plan of transitioning the planet from this age to the ages to come. 

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  • Sermon On the Mount

    Have you ever wondered how God's Kingdom functions and how His government is run? Jesus declares to us from the famous 'Sermon On the Mount' how His Father governs in this age and how we can prepare to rule and reign with Him in the ages to come. Take these notes and use them to study and prepare for your assignment in the eternal Kingdom. 

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